mAuditor Features

  • Cross Platform – Apple (iPhone/iPad), Android (phone/tablet)
  • Online and offline use
  • Job Assignment on Checklist
  • Multiple Audits & Surveys
  • Checklist - group by section; keyword search; filters by rank, priority, job
  • Take Photos/Video/Audio – content for documentation / training
  • Vessel Particulars – can be pre-populated
  • Preliminary Reports - send instantaeously to clients
  • Digital Signatures - immediately obtain and store

App Features

  • Cross platform and cross device – Apple (iPhone/iPad), Android (phone/tablet)
  • Works online or offline
  • Assign jobs based on availability and notify the assignee
  • Works with multiple audits & surveys like
  • Embed photos/videos/audios as content for documentation, training or reference
  • Pre-populate vessel particulars from a database
  • Create preliminary Reports
  • Timestamp photos and control resolution

Web Features

  • Manage versioned checklists and Audits
  • Electronically distribute information to clients/owners
  • Workflow manages the audit cycle from corrective action to close findings
  • Analytics provides comprehensive data visualization
  • Maintain vessel particulars easily
  • Setup and manage users
  • Capture and record digital signatures


Allows the auditor to easily create and modify any type of audit and inspection checklist. The checklists are configurable to add rules, alerts and logic to tailor to vessel and office needs. They can have updated efficiently with version management and provides easy electronic distribution. Easy to search, sort, filter, group by sections, rank and prioritize.


Capitalize on all the data available using analytics. Such access to data develops key insight across and within all fleets and helps make connections and comparisons and enables benchmarking, which, in turn, drives business towards a more focused auditing process.


Collect and attach media evidence like audio and video recordings captured during field work to checklists, audits and inspections. Repository of these media files can be easily shared for reference, guidance and training purposes among auditors and across vessels.


Generate reports instantly using various templates provided by the software. Real-time reports can be quickly generated based on business needs and electronically distributed immediately. The reports can be exported in various formats or printed.


Private and public libraries have a collection of checklist questions, audits and surveys in a centralized location. This provides a wealth of resources and information that can be shared across vessels and among audits for reference and guidance.

AI/Machine Leaning

AI/Machine learning enables the auditor to navigate to the future. The intelligent algorithm recognizes patterns and trends in vast volumes of data belonging to the gamut of vessels and operations. Generates valuable new insight, data driven suggestions for improved decision making.